Our physical training workshop for teachers and schools across various states in Nigeria

Our online ETTA trains and certify teachers and educators on hands on education technology tools and practices

Our weekly discussion forum on our teachers community groups on edtech topics and monthly webinars

Specialized training for 21st century Tech Savvy schools and institution

1.Tailored training programs covering a wide range of digital teaching skills.

2.Interactive webinars, workshops, and hands-on sessions led by experts in the field.

3.Accessible online platform for learning and collaboration

Partnerships with schools, districts, and educational organizations

Participate in educational conferences and events.

We offer you the best EDTECH solution for your school and teachers

Experience in delivering effective online instruction and virtual classrooms.

Skill in fostering collaborative learning environment.

Capacity to identify and address challenges in educational settings.

Strong communication skills for effective interaction with students, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Flexibility to adapt teaching methods to diverse learning needs and environments.

Commitment to ongoing professional development and staying updated on latest educational technologies and trends

Knowledge of responsible and ethical use of technology in educational settings, including internet safety, digital literacy, and online etiquette.